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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Gareth MorrisGareth Morris
Passed with unique LD System
Being 40 years old it was vital I found the right driving school to pass with. Having looked at all the driving schools in Oxfordshire I came across Hannah's LDC driving school and liked the idea of the course material and the method that was used.

The way you work though the LDC workbook and watch clips of what is planned for the next lesson really helps focus on putting it into practice in the car. The pupil decides the lesson plan it's all done at your own pace. So you learn the manoeuvrers right and not just rushed through it. This is where the workbook and DVDs come in useful, to study them before the lesson, which means you spend more time driving and not parked up listening to theory.

From the first meeting with Hannah I felt at ease as choosing the right instructor is key. Hannah was always on time and ready for the lesson. While driving Hannah was very clear on what was going well and areas to improve on so I knew what to study before next lesson. It was always a relaxed and calm lesson which made it easy to learn and take more in so, progress was always made.

I would highly recommend Hannah and the LDC Driving School for anyone looking to learn to drive.

Dylan FeoreDylan Feore
First Time Pass After Test Booster
I highly recommend learning to drive with Hannah. I passed first time after completing the test booster course. Hannah is a great instructor, she is patient, attentive and tailors the lessons to suit your development. I thoroughly enjoyed our lessons, as Hannah is very approachable and encouraging. I was a bit sad that we didn't have any more lessons after I'd passed. The test booster course was perfectly suited to my situation, having previous experience with other instructors and feeling relatively confident behind the wheel. It was great that the test is organised by the instructor, as this was a factor in not having taken the test sooner. The resources made available were also very useful. If you are looking to pass your driving test; learn to drive with Hannah.

Great Experience
I had a great experience learning with LDC, and passed after taking a 15 hour test booster course and a few additional lessons. I had previously done some lessons in a different area before taking a break, so this course was ideal to refresh my skills and get familiar with the roads. Hannah was a friendly and patient teacher, and worked with me to plan the lessons so I could get what I wanted out of them. She explained how to approach different skills and situations in a calm way and was always supportive and positive when explaining how to improve, which helped to build my confidence. The lesson prices were reasonable and in line with other instructors in the area, and by booking larger amount of hours with a course I was able to get better value for money. I also got to use the course book, which had lists of different skills you needed so you could check your progress and use them to help plan your lessons. Overall I would recommend LDC based on my experience, and have recommended Hannah to friends in my area who are looking to learn to drive. Thanks Hannah!

First Time Pass
I passed first time with my second driving instructor Hannah. I cant thank her enough for all the support and advice she has given me throughout our lessons. She is a positive, bubbly and friendly instructor who i would highly recommend to anyone! I found the LDC workbook was useful as it contained clear information on different topics. I also viewed a few of their You tube videos which helped me understand what was expected on the test day etc. Thanks again to Hannah for all the help!! :)